Resume of: Mark D. Shapiro

callmark.gif Education and general skills: Skilled at many, many things, including programming, skip-tracing, paralegal, finding assets, enforcing judgments. Also: Databases, HTML, Macs, Routers, Unix, and Windows. Semiconductors: Photolithography (equipment and process). Electronics: General, optical, Internet, and microwave systems. Management: Internet, sales, service, people, data, and processes.

Employment history: - Professional Judgment Enforcement Specialist
2/12/02 - current. I helped people enforce Judgments. I love to find people who defrauded others, and legally make them pay back what they stole. Web, database, customer service, legal research, writing. But that will change because I partnered with the best judgment lawyer that works in all 50 states  - President and Technical Specialist
5/22/02 - 10/10/2010. Professional Tech support in the San Jose, CA area.

METRO Publishing / BOULEVARDS / SVCN - Information Systems / Network Manager
550 South First Street, San Jose, CA, 95113
6-22-99 - 5/22/02. Reason for leaving: Starting
Managed company WAN and LAN, supervised and managed admin employees and consultants, planned and implement storage and backup solutions, specify and maintain Cisco and Engagecom routers, networks, and Mac/PC/Linux workstations and servers. Design and support databases -including a circulation, sysadmin, PO, and mailing list databases. Coordinate infrastructure changes. Purchasing agent for all technical products. Support company in many roles.

COMPUTER MODULES - Sales engineer
2350 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051
11-13-98 to 6-22-99. Reason for leaving: Incompatible work environment.
Sales and support of imaging products from Matrox and other companies, as well as Computer Modules' unique solutions for the engineering, networking, broadcasting, and imaging communities. Sales and Service for Hummingbird Unix connectivity products, database designer/administrator, and web store developer. Recommend routers, cameras, software, frame grabbers, and lenses to customers.

STARCOM - Territory Sales engineer
2405 Forest Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128
7-13-98 to 11-13-98. Reason for leaving: Company abandoned Territory sales model.
Consulting and selling network, remote access, and communication equipment (Routers, CSU/DSUs, RASs, xDSL, etc. - made by Cisco, 3COM, Nortel, Livingston/Lucent, Ascend, Digital Link, TUTSystems, Adtran, PairGain, etc.) and solutions to customers in the ISP, CLEC, network, and computer industries. (In 12 states: AR, IA, ID, KS, LA, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, SD & WY.)

VERIO - Operational Consultant
200 Brown Road # 306, Fremont, CA 94539
10-97 to 4-98. Reason for leaving: Consulting contract completed.
Consulting full-time to assist in the migration of WCO's SQL database and other operations to Verio. Acting President of WCO during transition.

WEST COAST ONLINE - Founder, President, CFO, and Sysadmin
200 Brown Road # 306, Fremont, CA 94539
9-94 to 10-97. Reason for leaving: Sold company.
Co-founded business with one partner, merging my West Coast Online publication/Internet business with the California Online Internet business - eventually dropping my publication in favor of the world-wide-web and the Internet business in general. Made WCO one of the most successful and respected ISPs in California. I was key to designing and maintaining all parts of the business - including my billing and customer service multiuser SQL database. As President and CFO, I helped WCO grew sales to 1.5 million annually (as of July 1996) from scratch - with no outside funding or assistance. (WCO was funded with venture capital in July 1996; and at time of sale to Verio, had revenue of 3.0 million annually, with 22 employees.)

BABBA / WEST COAST ONLINE - Founder, owner, publisher, and editor
2667 Cropley Ave, San Jose, CA 95132
1-93 to 9-94. Reason for leaving: Formed partnership with Chris Ward, to start new company.
Created the first regional (Bay Area) publication devoted to the online (BBSs and the Internet) titled BABBA -the Bay Area Bulletin Board Advisor, a monthly magazine. Created a BBS with UUCP connection to the Internet in support of the publication. Changed the name of the magazine to West Coast Online, and expanded distribution throughout northern California. Wrote most - and edited all articles, and handled all operations of a magazine, publishing a total of 29 consecutive monthly issues (except for skipping one month - the July 1995 issue), with a peak circulation of 40,000 monthly copies. Merged my business of the West Coast Online publication with the California Online BBS/Internet company, to create a partnership for a very successful Internet business.

OPTICAL SPECIALTIES - Sr. software engineer
4281 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
5-92 to 5-93. Reason for leaving: Left to start own company.
Designed and implemented user interfaces, image alignment/servo control algorithms, and complex database systems for a semiconductor metrology equipment company, using Microsoft C for proprietary kernel and Microsoft Windows-based PC hosts.

GREYHAWK SYSTEMS - Sr. software engineer
1557 Centre Pointe Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035
5-90 to 5-92. Reason for leaving: Company went bankrupt-layoff.
Worked primarily on 2 projects:
1: Wrote system/application software for systems to align and expose printed circuit boards. Designed /implemented image analysis/motion control software to improve registration robustness, speed, and accuracy using the TimeSlicer multitasker software with Microsoft C on a 386-based PC host. Documented, optimized, and simplified the rats nest of existing code so well, I eliminated an "eminent" planned move to a (much) more expensive hardware platform.
2: Designed and implemented software for a liquid crystal projector product, using the P-SOS preemptive multitasker/Sierra C cross-compiler for a 68332 embedded system. Worked on image analysis algorithms for Matrox frame grabbers on PC and VME hardware platforms. Specified cameras, frame grabbers, and frame grabber designs. Designed and implemented color convergence, remote control operations, user display screens, serial communications, etc.

SEEQ - Sr. equipment engineer/Consultant
1850 Fortune Drive, San Jose, CA. 95131
1-90 to 4-92. Reason for leaving: Company moved, and moved all manufacturing overseas.
Worked nights as an equipment engineer designing software, repairing and installing equipment, and improving process yields in the photolithography section of this semiconductor fabrication company. After the company closed down all manufacturing, remained 3 more months as a consultant to decommission their photolithography equipment, repairing all broken subsystems - in preparation for resale.

TENCOR INSTRUMENTS - Software engineer
2400 Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA. 94043
10-88 to 5-90. Reason for leaving: Better opportunity.
Wrote system/application software for wafer inspection equipment in C/C++ on a proprietary kernel, to interface products with other vendors. Worked on all parts of a complex, real-time wafer inspection software package.

ULTRATECH STEPPER - System test engineer - sr. software engineer
2905 Stender Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054
4-82 to 10-88. Reason for leaving: Announced move of all facilities and jobs out of California.
1982, First system test engineer in a new department. Wrote diagnostic programs and established optical, electrical, and mechanical test procedures. Trained technicians and solved manufacturing problems.
1983, Transferred to the optical engineering department and designed/coded/supported a lens distortion metrology system, including the design of a lens parameter database. Designed/coded a lens matching system allowing company to sell very expensive lens systems - that would otherwise have to be scrapped.
1984, Transferred to customer service, including field service in US and Japan.
1985, Transferred to the advanced technology group. Took a prototype optical focus technology through to a finished product. Prototyped a laser reverse alignment system, invented a vibration control system.
1986, Transferred to the software engineering department as a senior software engineer. Improved and maintained control and diagnostic programs. Worked on, and vastly improved critical alignment and servo control issues with software (HPL language). Also was one of two system administrators for the SUN Unix system. Wrote shell scripts and C programs to help the group with Unix, C, and network problems.

ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES - Electromechanical specialist - Sr. equipment engineer
915 Deguigne Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
9-79 to 10-82. Reason for leaving: Better opportunity
Started as electromechanical specialist and left as Sr. equipment engineer. Worked on various photolithography systems. Helped design fabrication areas, designed troubleshooting aids, modified and repaired equipment, and maintained computer systems in wafer fabrication areas.

Other experience/skills:
  • Intelligent, mature, reliable, hard-working, self-motivated person with integrity, accountability, and a sense of humor - who works well alone or on a team - in any capacity. Free and constructive thinker, able to bring new perspectives and solution philosophies - adding value to team projects.
  • Authored articles for publications such as the San Jose Mercury News. Have been a guest on several radio shows and a consultant to broadcast media.
  • Works to 100% completion on projects, providing full documentation ready for anyone to take over. Specialties include the "continuous refinement of projects" and removing techno-babble and unneeded complexity from systems and documentation to create easily understandable and reliable systems/documents.
  • Unparalleled ability to find and correct system design flaws, software/user interface bugs, and see through fluff and hype to get to the real issues/problems facing any situation.
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